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Wedderburn Wills

Alexander Wedderburn, Shipmaster in London, d. between 30/3/1747 & Feb. 1749.

Alexander Wedderburn ‘of Exeter’, d. at Exeter 1853.

Andrew Colvile, d. in London in 1856.

Ann Weatherburn d. in 1813.

Barbara Weatherburn (widow of Ralph), d. at Bishopwearmouth, Durham, in 1833.

Charles Francis Webster-Wedderburn, d. at St. Leonard’s on Sea in 1886.

Charles Wedderburn of Pearsie, d. at Pearsie in 1829.

Christopher ‘Stewart’ Wedderburn, d. in Islington in 1882.

Col. Alexander Wedderburn, d. in Glasgow in 1839.

David Webster, Druggist, d. in London in 1787.

David Webster (né Wedderburn, of Pearsie), d. at Bath in 1801.

Dr. Robert Stewart, Surgeon in Dundee, husband of the late Katharine Wedderburn of Pearsie (b. 1750, d. 1793), d. in Dundee in 1804

Henry Wedderburn ‘of Gosford’, d. at Calcutta in 1777.

‘Interdiction’ for James Stewart, b. 1782 - drawn up in 1804.

Renunciation by Mrs. Isabel Edward alias Wedderburn of Pearsie in 1787.

Isabella Weatherburn, d. in London in 1845. (Admon. not granted until 1865.)

James Weatherburn, Glass Maker of South Shields, d. there in 1805.

James Wedderburn, d. in Jamaica in 1797.

James Webster (née Graham), d. in London in 1841.

James Webster, d. in London in 1789.

James Wedderburn, d. in London in 1831.

James Wedderburn, d. in France in 1815.

James Wedderburn Colvile, d. at Inveresk in 1807.

James Wedderburn, Solicitor-Gen. for Scotland, d. in Kirkcudbrightshire in 1823.

John Halkett, d. at Richmond, Surrey, in 1852.

John Kellerman Wedderburn, d.  in 1891.

John Weatherburn, Farmer & proprietor of the Plough Inn in Bondgate St., Alnwick, d. at Alnwick in 1822.

John Weatherburn d.  in 1839/40.

John Webster, d. in London in 1793.

John Wedderburn, d. in Calcutta in 1787.

John Wedderburn, d. in London in 1846.

John Wedderburn, Cloth Merchant,  d. Dumbar in 1848.

Katherine ‘otherwise Catherine Stewart otherwise Steward otherwise Wedderburn’,  d. in Dundee in 1793.


Mrs. Jane Weatherburn, widow, of South Shields, Durham, d. there in 1867.

Mrs. Sarah Weatherburn, widow, of South Shields, Durham, d. there in 1839

Ralph Weatherburn, of Bishopwearmouth (husband of Barbara Hodgson), d. in late 1830 or early 1831.

Robert ‘Nesbit’ Weatherburn, . at Berwick upon Tweed in 1871.

Sir David Wedderburn, 1st Bt. of Balindean,d. at Inveresk in 1858.

Sir John Wedderburn, 2nd Bt. of Balindean, d. at Brighton in 1862.

Sir John Wedderburn of Balindean, d. at Balindean in 1803.

John Wedderburn of ‘Spring Garden’ Jamaica & Leadenhall St., d. at Chigwell, Essex, in 1820.

Thomas Weatherburn, Farmer, Longhoughton, Alnwick, d. at Longhoughton in 1832.

Thomas Wedderburn, Yeoman, of Elwick Lane End, Hood, Durham, d. in 1837.

Thomas Weatherburn, s. of Thomas,of Snab Leases, d. in Edinburgh in 1882.

Rev. Dr. Thomas Webster, d. at Bath in 1816.

William Weatherburn, d. 1870.   

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Alfred J D Wedderburn and his wife, Rose

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